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Team Member Stories

Preferred is rated a “Best Places to Work” employer but don’t just take our word for it; listen to what our team members within Preferred have to say.

Scott Boggess

"Preferred was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work, and I wholeheartedly agree. I like the friendly, collaborative work environment, the employee-centric culture, and the commitment to innovation. I feel valued and respected here, and those are common sentiments I hear from my co-workers. No wonder so may people have been here 10 plus years!”


- Scott Boggess


CSP, CIE, Director, Workplace Safety & Health

Scot Wright

"The quality of individuals working at Preferred is 2nd to none. From Padres games to food trucks to ‘casino night’ holiday parties, Preferred takes care of their employees so they can serve their customers and help injured workers get back to work and back to living their lives.”


- Scot Wright


Underwriting Manager

Yara Alarid

"There are so many things I truly enjoy about working at Preferred, but the main reason is the company culture. So many years wasted at other companies just feeling invisible, yet here at Preferred I feel seen, heard and valued. It is nice to be in such a wonderful environment that fosters acceptance, collaboration and values diversity. “


- Yara Alarid


Claims Assistant

Keith Johnson

“Preferred is very professional and an excellent company to grow my career with. Preferred is really great at listening to team member ideas and our company culture keeps me inspired daily. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals that we all accomplish as a team. Preferred has provided me with wonderful knowledge through training courses and inspirational speeches from team leaders which keeps me motivated to do my best for the company.“


- Keith Johnson


Medical Unit Clerk

Stephanie Graham

"I enjoy working at Preferred because I work with an amazing collaborative team in a culture that encourages continued personal development and allows for creativity and experimentation. Team members care about each other and that caring nature transcends into how everyone interacts with our customers and injured workers.”


- Stephanie Graham


ARM, WCCA, CPDM, Assistant Vice President Medical & Claim Ops

Joe Lucero

"When it comes to culture, Preferred has always set the bar for me really high, compared to other companies I have worked for in the past. There is a formula in place here that encompasses working hard and having fun at the same time and it’s a balance you do not see anywhere else.”


- Joe Lucero


Claims Supervisor

Janis Eoff

"Working for Preferred has been a great experience for me. I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented, and dedicated professionals in the industry, who are all committed to achieving the same goal: to provide exceptional service, and deliver outstanding results to our customers.


The company culture is built around the idea that every individual’s contribution matters, and that our diversity, and unique perspectives are what make us stronger as a team. I feel proud to be a part of such a trusted network.”


- Janis Eoff


Vice President, Human Resources

Career Spotlight

One of the ways we measure success is by having joyful, gratified employees. Our company focuses on providing career opportunities that are innovative, exciting, and that will allow for professional growth. We also participate in a wide variety of fun social events. There’s something for everyone at Preferred. Everyone matters. Everyone counts in our company.


Underwriters play the crucial role of evaluating insurance applications and determining how much risk to injury and illness is involved as well as how much an applicant will pay in premiums. It is a job that requires a combination of strong analytical and interpersonal skills.

Risk Management

Risk Advisors evaluate workplace hazards and analyze jobs and tasks to determine risks and risk levels. They will also train employees on proper safety procedures and equipment use to minimize the risk of injury.

Claims Management

Claims management is an excellent field offering numerous career opportunities. Our claims experts help injured or ill employees during what can be difficult times in their lives. They are key to allowing us to live by getting injured or ill employees “back to work and back to life”.

Sales & Marketing

Preferred’s Sales & Marketing team members partner with insurance brokers to bring the best combination of products, services and pricing to customers and prospects. Like underwriters, they require strong relationship-building skills as well as solid business planning and analytical expertise.