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Hello and thank you for your interest in Preferred. We are one of 50+ specialized businesses that are part of the global W. R. Berkley Corporation.


Our team members are #1 with us. This is one of the reasons why we won the 2022 Business Insurance “Best Places to Work” Award and the San Diego Business Journal “Best Places to Work” Award five years in a row. Check us out.

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Company Culture

Company Culture

Are you interested in joining a dynamic, innovative, customer-focused organization? Preferred offers employees the training and development opportunities needed to succeed professionally and personally.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

As a Berkley company, Preferred has a wide range of high-quality benefits offered to our employees.

Team Testimonials

Team Testimonials

Our team members share what they love most about working at Preferred and the opportunities for growth and development.


About Preferred

Personal Service: Customers are not just a policy number with us. We provide direct access points to live people throughout the entire customer servicing chain.


Workplace Safety: Workplace safety is a top priority. Our Risk Advisors offer business owners a wide variety of resources to assist them in operating a safer work environment.


Medical Provider Network: We are the only California insurance provider who operates its MPN with only directly-contracted, best-in-class physicians. This means our customers receive a higher quality of injury management expertise.


Financial Security: Preferred Employers Insurance is a member of W. R. Berkley Corporation, whose insurance company subsidiaries are rated A+ (Superior) by A. M. Best Company.

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Rated Business Insurance's

Best Places to Work

Preferred Employers Insurance, a Berkley company, has built a customer-focused enterprise by attracting the best talent to join its mission of serving California’s business owners with high-quality workers compensation insurance that gets injured workers back to work and back to life. Team members enjoy a work environment supported by leaders who prioritize providing a psychologically safe workplace where creative ideas and rapid experiments are encouraged. The business's culture of flexibility and work-life balance is welcoming to all. Employee development is a top priority. Managers ensure team members feel like they belong and work in an inclusive environment. The business's success is shared with employees through an annual profit-sharing program.

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Career Spotlight

One of the ways we measure success is by having joyful, gratified employees. Our company focuses on providing career opportunities that are innovative, exciting, and that will allow for professional growth. We also participate in a wide variety of fun social events. There’s something for everyone at Preferred. Everyone matters. Everyone counts in our company.


Underwriters play the crucial role of evaluating insurance applications and determining how much risk to injury and illness is involved as well as how much an applicant will pay in premiums. It is a job that requires a combination of strong analytical and interpersonal skills.

Risk Management

Risk Advisors evaluate workplace hazards and analyze jobs and tasks to determine risks and risk levels. They will also train employees on proper safety procedures and equipment use to minimize the risk of injury.

Claims Management

Claims management is an excellent field offering numerous career opportunities. Our claims experts help injured or ill employees during what can be difficult times in their lives. They are key to allowing us to live by getting injured or ill employees “back to work and back to life”.

Sales & Marketing

Preferred’s Sales & Marketing team members partner with insurance brokers to bring the best combination of products, services and pricing to customers and prospects. Like underwriters, they require strong relationship-building skills as well as solid business planning and analytical expertise.