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Workers Compensation Insurance for Bakeries

We know the California bakery industry. Preferred Employers Insurance (“Preferred”) is dedicated to providing the best combination of price and coverage for California’s bakery business owners and their injured employees.

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Find a licensed, professional insurance broker to help you navigate California’s complex workers compensation insurance system.

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Help Injured Workers

Find your step-by-step resource guide for getting your injured employee back to work and back to life.

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Claims Handling Philosophy

We have been providing the gold standard of care for injured workers since 1998. Our California-based Medical Provider Network results in fast, tailored and medically beneficial treatment

Why Preferred

The Preferred Experience is all about getting injured workers back to work and back to life as soon as medically possible. California’s business owners appreciate our commitment to making sure their injured employees get the caring attention they deserve. 


Personal Service: Customers are not just a policy number with us. We provide direct access points to live people throughout the entire customer servicing chain. 


Workplace Safety: Workplace safety is a top priority. Our Risk Advisors offer business owners a wide variety of resources to assist them in operating a safer work environment. 


Medical Provider Network: We are the only California insurer who operates its MPN with directly-contracted, best-in-class physicians. This means our customers receive a higher quality of injury management expertise. 


Financial Security: Preferred Employers Insurance is noted for its financial strength as a member company of the W.R. Berkley Corporation: we are rated A+ (Superior) by A. M. Best Company.

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Additional Resources

Medical Provider Network+ (MPN Plus)

Our Smartphone App in partnership with MedCall 


Injured Workers (and their Supervisors) are able to: Report a Claim, Receive Instant ER Tele-Triage, and Receive Medical Assistance in English & Spanish. Our latest guide is now available to our policyholders! Learn how to get started using this service here.

Preferred Press – Risk Management Tips

Available to customers, our risk management bulletin series covers topics such as computer workstation ergonomics, benefits of prompt injury reporting and workplace security & violence.

Learning From Losses

Real stories of workplace injuries. We discuss how to prevent such losses and offer recommendations on possible steps to implement to ensure they do not occur again.

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