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2021 Trends and What Small Business Owners Should Know

Hand sanitizer, surgical masks, and calculators are all present as a worker checks a shipping manifest

E-commerce is projected to grow 23% in 2021. For Small Business Owners, this is a result of consumers embracing their “new normal” of permanently working from home — 34% globally to be exact.


This statistic brings up some safety concerns.


Increased online purchases means an uptick in packing efforts. Small businesses — with or without warehouse capabilities — should be extra cautious while packing this increase in customer product demand. Increased injury exposure comes from using box cutters, tape gun dispensers, and lifting heavily packed boxes. By making sure all employees are trained in proper lifting techniques and tool usage, one can lessen to chance of injury.




Small business owners (and their employees) should also continue to monitor their own self-care. In a recent survey of 19,000 Millennials, 73% reported working extended amounts of hours every week. This has surfaced “Millennial burnout” from new small business owners.


When packing shipments and/or working longer-than-average, employees should remain mindful towards preventing workplace injuries. Did you know it takes an average of 23 seconds to refocus after a distraction? For those who are sleep-deprived (or mentally fatigued), this feels like mere seconds when, in fact, it is quite a lot of time. Try setting a timer and take note of the span.




At Preferred Employers Insurance, a Berkley company, we encourage our customers to reach out to our Risk Advisor team for safety guidance in their workplace. Customized, industry-specific expertise is included in our coverage. We look forward to personally assisting businesses throughout California. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


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