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COVID-19 & Wildfires

A picture of a conflagration that affected California in 2021. Orange fire is seen for miles and smoke covers the sky. Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash

The Connection and What You Need to Know


California has been the victim of several wildfires this fall — most recently the Silverado and Blue Ridge wildfires around Orange County.


As businesses shift to operating outdoors, what does this mean for employees?



Will COVID-19 Cloth Masks Keep You Safe?

Not all particles are alike. Cloth facemasks that help block respiratory droplets do not block wildfire smoke particles.


Keep your businesses safe by checking the Air Quality in your area.


A wide variety of smartphone apps and websites are available, however, the CDC recommends Air Now. Visit Air Now to see the latest Air Quality results in your part of California.



Smoke Exposure vs. COVID-19: How are the symptoms different?

Poor air quality — like what results from wildfires — can cause health concerns.

Employees that develop a dry cough, or have difficulty breathing, may have symptoms of smoke exposure — not COVID-19.


To help determine coronavirus symptoms, the CDC has a breadth of information available, including a COVID-19 Self-Checker, located here.


Wildfire smoke comes with certain risks. Employees that work outdoors should remain cautious and stay aware of best practices. At Preferred Employers Insurance, a Berkley company, we help keep employees safe by providing safety tools and resources for our customers. Contact us at (888) 472–9001 to see why we are the preferred workers’ compensation solution for California businesses.




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