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How to Keep Your Automotive Business Prepared

Automotive Business Photo by Laurel and Michael Evans on Unsplash

With COVID variants at the top of many news feeds, taking the time to operationally audit your business can help set you up for success. Whether your automotive business is a repair garage, body shop, or service station, being cognizant of these 3 industry insights can help successfully position you for the remainder of this year.



Repairs Using Adhesives and Sealants

Several articles and industry leaders have projected a rising demand for sealants and adhesives. These products — which offer increased stability when repairing glass, metal, and other surfaces — is forecasted to generate 10% of revenue in regards to collision repairs.


With an increase of demand comes a higher risk of on-the-job injuries. Take note of any new employees, machinery, or operations and make sure proper training has been completed. This can help businesses to run smoother, quicker, and safer.



The Rise of AV

Research conducted this year has shown that several manufacturers started developing Autonomous Vehicles, also known as “AV”. According to Forbes magazine, 33 million AV products will be in use less than 20 years from now. Development has recently shifted focus towards trucking — specifically to help lower the high amount of accidents that occur annually due to exhaustion.


Help prevent on-the-job injuries by maintaining a healthy relationship with your workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Many carriers offer free safety tools that are included in your coverage. Reach out to your insurance broker — or directly to the carrier — for access to services available to you which you might not know about.



The “New” Customer Experience for Late 2021

Having hand sanitizer dispensers and digital solutions available for customers have become post-COVID table stakes — even within the automotive service and repair industries. Having online, virtual, and/or touchless options is “the new normal”. These current customer expectations have been noted in studies mentioned by the Auto Care Association (ACA).


In preparing for a possible rise in coronavirus variants, take note of customer service improvements you can begin implementing with a possible “second wave” in mind.




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