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The Post-Pandemic Switchover: Transitioning your Business from Online Back to In-Person

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As COVID-19 vaccines become increasingly available, are you in the process of transitioning your business from online back to in-person?


Here’s what you need to know about hybrid operations and more.



Remote Employees

When shifting your business back to in-person from online, take note of how many employees will be staying remote. If your business has over 50% of employees telecommuting, certain industries may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance under a new class code — 8871 — which was created this year by the WCIRB.



Legal Compliance

If you are ready to transition back to conducting in-person business, all employers must have a written COVID-19 Prevention Program in place for their business according to OSHA 3205. For more information on this, click here.


Additionally, some operational laws from last year (such as AB685 and SB1159) are still in effect throughout 2021. For a comprehensive rundown of these Bills, the Government’s summaries can be found here and here.



Parklet Maintenance

As weather warms up, consumer traffic will increase — and these handmade structures have been in place for nearly a year. For businesses using parklets as customer waiting areas, extra merchandise display space, or food & beverage service, touching up this space (with safety in mind) is suggested.



Conduct a Safety Review

Due to capacity restrictions, many businesses will continue hybrid operations, which include keeping delivery options and curbside services. This is a great opportunity to encourage employees to provide their input on these efforts and redefine the best-practices in your business’ safety plan.

In closing — even during the in-person transition process — many business operations will be conducted while still working from home. Try to keep ergonomics top-of-mind for keeping employees safe and healthy.




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