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The Top Challenges Facing Dental Practices

A dentist wears a surgical mask and holds a light used to view patients' teeth while looking at the camera. A caption in the center of the image says "I am a dentist"

How to tackle the top challenges facing dental practices


It isn’t a secret that “costs” are a concern for dental practices all over California. From paying Dental School student loans to setting up a private practice, finances are a priority. In addition to “costs”, recent studies have shown that “attracting new patients” and “medical office collaboration” are among the top concerns for dentists in 2019.


The Hispanic Dental Association partnered with Proctor and Gamble for a study that showed 45% of Hispanics lack private dental coverage while 18% have not visited a dentist in the past two years. Spanish-speaking dentists, hygienists, and staff is a value-added bonus. Adding this language capability to California practices might help attract new patients.

New patients can also be acquired if practices offer certain benefits to customers. However, if dental offices have third-party contracts in place, legalities can be confusing and time-consuming. Good news: If you are a member of the American Dental Association, there is a free resource available to help navigate these types of questions. 


Lastly, it has been a noted challenge in establishing effective communication between dental and medical practices. Time is usually of the essence. With this in mind, once a connection is made, try focusing on the periodontal concern and how this correlates to systemic health. This keeps the conversation to a minimum while being detail-oriented. That might help build rapport and relationships among medical offices.


As a workers’ compensation provider for dental offices all over California, we understand the questions most practices face. When you call our offices, you are able to get human-to-human customer service within three rings. In addition, the online resources we provide to our dental clients is geared towards helping you save time on claims, payments, and risk management. This means practices can focus on what matters most: your patients and your business.



For more information, contact [email protected] to learn more on how we serve dental practices in California.




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