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Two Tips for Reaching Your Employee Training Goals

A mechanic double checks information on his phone before continuing with an automobile inspection

According to past surveys, 42.6% of independent auto repair shops report one of the biggest challenges they face is finding time for training employees.

Overcome this obstacle with these two tips.



Plan ahead.

Schedule training time in advance. Make it at the same time, on the same day, once a week. This repetition and frequency helps create an effective habit. To keep motivations high, try setting a monthly minimum goal — just in case busy schedules lead to missing a week.



Make Mini Goals

Create a “to-learn list”. Then divide the list into sections. Perhaps these divisions are intentional, like splitting into seasons or categories. Aim to learn one section at a time. This makes achieving a larger goal more approachable and less daunting.


Training tools of all types are included in our coverage. Personalized assistance is even available for help developing your own training plans. Our Risk Advisors look forward to helping our policyholders and their employees. Feel free to email [email protected] for more information.




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