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Why Remote Workers Still Need Workers Compensation Insurance

remote working

Telecommuters are prone to the same types of injuries on-site employees may encounter while at the office. The key to staying safe while working from home is being mindful of ergonomics.



Ergonomics is administering the arrangement of objects for improved and safer interaction. Utilizing proper ergonomics has many benefits, such as higher productivity and improved employee engagement.


How ergonomic is your home office space? Telecommuters can ask themselves the following:

  1. Are my shoulders relaxed?
  2. Is my lower back supported?
  3. Is my head level while typing?
  4. Are my wrists straight?
  5. Are my feet properly supported on the ground?


In addition to ergonomics, remote workers should take note of their physical surroundings. This may help avoid slips, trips or falls while working from home.


Lastly, contractors may not be covered in your workers compensation insurance policy. Contact your broker or carrier to learn more.

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As customers of Preferred Employers Insurance, a Berkley company, policyholders have access to potential additions to their coverage through other providers within the Berkley brand. Certain contractors, for example, may be insured for workers compensation when additional coverage is purchased through Berkley A&H. Contact the Marketing Team at Preferred Employers Insurance to learn more about this added benefit.



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