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Welcome to Preferred’s Easy-Pay System. You can pay now with a one time payment or if already enrolled in our “auto-pay” payments plan, pay over time.


Please register in our easy-pay system, “Biller Direct”, to make your premium payments. Thank you. We appreciate your business.

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Payment Options

Sign up for Auto Pay

Never miss a payment with the most seamless payment option we offer. Sign up once for Auto Pay and then forget it. 











Make a One-Time Payment

Make a One-Time Payment

Pay an amount due with a one-time payment

  • Make a payment at anytime for an amount due
  • No enrollment required; bank information will be required for this payment, but will not be stored for future payments





Biller Direct System (Login)

Biller Direct System (Login)

Save time by enrolling with Biller Direct.

  • One-time enrollment
  • AutoPay/Recurring Payments
  • View your current bill(s)
  • Store your bank account information in a secured environment
  • Email Notifications

Payment Plans

What payment plan options are available to me? Several options are available.

* A deposit is your first payment plus State Assessment fees.


** Percentage amounts refer to that percentage of your total premium.


Explore our user friendly pay-as-you go plans.


  • Calculated premiums drafted from bank account
  • No upfront deposit required
  • Minimize annual audit discrepancies
  • Improve cash flow by paying premiums based on actual wages on each check date

Onboarded Companies

Report wages via an onboarded payroll company. For the most current list of companies click here.

Self Reporting

Minimum annual premium of $10,000 required

  • Continue with your current method for processing payroll 

  • Report wage detail on our online portal after each check date 

  • Calculated premiums drafted from bank account 

  • Provide quarterly payroll tax returns/reports for annual audits


Automated Reporting

Minimum Annual Premium Premium of $1,000 required

  • For a small annual fee, use SmartPay’s reporting service (SPRS). 

  • SmartPay automatically reports wage detail after each check for an annual fee. 

  • Calculated premiums drafted from bank account.

  • SmartPay provides reconciled reports for annual audit. No interim auditing.


Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need further assistance on this, feel free to contact us! Reach out to Customer Service at [email protected] or (888) 472-9001.