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Workplace Safety Training Videos

Workplace Safety Training Videos

New Workplace Safety Training Videos Available From Preferred’s Customer Portal.

  • Easy 24/7 Access
    • Available online 24/7
    • Videos available in English, Spanish, and with closed captions 
    • Videos can be watched anywhere via desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.
  • Workplace Safety Videos & More
    • Video topics cover Workplace Safety, OSHA Compliance, Human Resources, Management, and Industry-Specific Workplace Safety Training 
  • Downloadable Resources
    1. Downloadable support materials are available including facilitator guides, safety quizzes, training logs/schedules, and completion certificates. 



How to Access Free Workplace Safety Videos

  1. Locate your Preferred Employers policy number.
  2. From, select the yellow ‘Log In’ button to log in to your customer portal.
  3. If your policy number begins with "PEG", Log In here to access Berkley Beyond.  
    1. Select ’Resources’ from the top navigation
    2. Click on ‘View Videos’ under the right box labeled ‘Training Videos’

  1. All other policy numbers (No "PEG") Log In here to access Customer Connect.
    1. Select ‘Risk Management’ from the top navigation
    2. Click on ‘Free Streaming Safety Videos’ to begin browsing

For questions on access, please reach out to us at [email protected].




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