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New Payroll Audit Services

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Are you experiencing slow response time, large additional premiums each year or customer service experience issues with your current workers compensation insurance provider? If so, Preferred has created 3 proactive Audit Services to address these issues.


Voluntary 3 Month Service Audit:

  • After 3rd month of a policy, a Preferred auditor is assigned to set up a ‘service audit’ to work with the policyholder to ensure class codes and payroll are accurate or updated.
    • Data shows, policyholders that enroll for this service have less than a 5% variance during final audit! 


Introducing ‘FastPass’

  • Qualifying policies under $9,500 premium have access to a voluntary one-touch payroll audit process called Fastpass. These audits are billed same-day as submitted, are no-contact, and are stress-free!
    • FastPass audits had less than .5% dispute ratio. 


In-House Virtual Audits

  • No third-party vendors. Payroll audits with premiums over $9,500 can be 100% processed in-house by Preferred staff, from initial contact through documentation, review, and billing.
    • Good customer service, work with an auditor that has decision-making authority and quick turnaround time 


Get Started


Access our online Payroll Audit resources here. To get in touch with our Audit department, please email us at [email protected] along with your policy number. 



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