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September 29, 2022 / Remote Working, Safety, Workplace Safety

Why Remote Workers Still Need Workers Compensation Insurance

Telecommuters are prone to the same types of injuries on-site employees may encounter while at the office. The key to staying safe while working from home is being mindful of ergonomics.



Ergonomics is administering the arrangement of objects for improved and safer interaction. Utilizing proper ergonomics has many benefits, such as higher productivity and improved employee engagement.


How ergonomic is your home office space? Telecommuters can ask themselves the following:

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A photograph of a meeting taken by Headway on Unsplash

May 09, 2022 / Safety, Leadership, Wellness, Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety & Mental Health

Three Tips for Business Owners


We are fresh off the heels of May (Mental Health Month) and have entered June (National Safety Month). It is no coincidence that these themes follow each other. Workplace safety and mental health work hand-in-hand.


Here are some tips business owners can take to make sure their employees are performing at their best — and safest.

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A nurse checks a patient's blood pressure

January 15, 2022 / Medical Practice, Safety, Small Business, Workers Compensation

How to Prevent Staff Injury in your Medical Clinic

Healthcare staff run a significant risk of injury, and administrators and physicians would do well to take precautions to minimize staff injuries at the doctor’s office.


In an average work setting, physician office staff members are subject to a myriad of unique risk factors that can and do lead to injury. These injuries lead to decreased productivity, missed work days, and expensive medical bills that cost employers and insurance companies millions each year.


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A group of four people bump elbows to acknowledge each other while mitigating germ spread. All group members wear a mask to protect themselves from Covid-19

August 03, 2020 / Restaurant Business, Safety, Workers Compensation, Covid-19, Workplace Culture

Maintaining a Safety Culture While Restaurant Businesses are Semi-Open

Building a restaurant workplace environment that encourages staff input and collaboration is, in fact, possible during these uncertain times.


As we have mentioned before, an effective way to cultivate a strong safety culture is to promote the notion that “everyone is a leader”. This can help spark an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of ownership for all team members. Such efforts can be made virtually just as successfully, and safely, as in-person.

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